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Total Babes . <3

Let the sexyness shOw

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Welcome to the Total Babes community!

So you think your a total BABE? Prove yourself here. Maybe, just maybe, we will agree and think your a babe too! Just simply read these rules first :o)

1. You must join the community first before you post anything.
2. Post three or more pictures of yourself, and please, no shitty pictures. k? thanx.
3. Stamped members will comment about your picture, you will either get a yes or no and maybe a comment. If you get a no, please don't bitch about it, it's not our fault if your ooglay ;D
4. You CAN NOT comment without a stamp. If you do so, your ass will be banned immediatly :D
5. No tittie shots, we want to judge you on your face, not your rack. Oh, no ass pics either, it would make us all very happy if you follow this rule.
6. If you do get accepted, great! You will get a stamp then you will be able to comment and such.
7. If you get rejected, you can always try again. Wait 2 weeks and try again with new pics, k?
8. Oh yeah, don't post up fake pictures, becausee 99.9% of the time, you will get caught, and when you do get caught, concider yourself BANNED!

Hopefully you read these rules carefully..now GO and show us your hottness!!

Your Mods




Thank you, have a nice day, and stay sexy :o)